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Appliance Repair Services. At StrongHammer Appliance Repair, we work on a full range of appliances, from washers and dryers to refrigerators, ice makers, kegerators, wine units and beverage coolers. We also repair ovens, ranges, cooktops, rangehoods, microwaves and vent hoods, as well as dishwashers and compactors. Refrigeration. Laundry. Cooking.

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1 Single Sachet Scrubbing Pad. Industrial Laundry Free and Clear 18.9 Litre. All Sizes. Dilution Bottle. Multi-Dilution Foamer 2.7 Litre. Heavy-Duty Multi-Dilution Foamer 946 mL. 3 Gallon Pump Up Foamer Pro.

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Best Pressure Washer Soap and Detergent

2021-8-3 · This multi-purpose heavy-duty detergent from Briggs & Stratton works to remove dirt, mold, mildew, and other grime from all exterior surfaces. It''s good for patios, decks, siding, windows, etc. and is safe for lawns and garden plants. One gallon makes up to 16 gallons of cleaning solution.

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16. £15.49. £15.49. Hulker Extension Lead with USB Ports 3 Way Outlets 6 USB Ports Surge Protection Power Strip UK Power Socket with Bold Extension Cord with Fuse and Shutter Power Strips Universal Socket. Hulker Extension Lead with USB Ports 3 Way Outlets 6 USB Ports Surge Protection Power…. Shop all deals.


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10 Small Pressure Washers [ 2021 ]

2021-4-27 · 3. Greenworks GPW1501 Pressure Washer. The Greenworks GPW1501 Pressure Washer is a compact, lightweight, and versatile device that can be used all around the home exteriors, yard, and garage. This small pressure washer is one of the lightest of its kind, weighing less than 20-pounds, which makes it easier to control and transport.

14 Best Cleaners For Tile Floors In 2021 [ Best Compared ]

2021-6-20 · The Granite Gold is formulated especially for the tile floors. The product has a ready-to-use formula that safely deep-cleans granite, marble, travertine, and all other natural-stone and ceramic tile surfaces. Granite Gold provides a safe alternative to typical floor cleaners, which can damage stone floors and lead to costly repair and replacement.

How to Clean Pavers with Vinegar

Simply add vinegar to the detergent tank of the pressure washer. Then use the pressure water with the vinegar to clean paver stones. That is the most efficient solution. How to Kill Weeds in Pavers. These cheeky plants can appear along the gaps and cracks in your pavers. You can use vinegar or boiling water to kill weeds in pavers.

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Use the Simpson Strong-Tie Titen installation tool kit as it has a bit that is designed to reduce the potential for overtightening the screw. Oversized holes in the base material will reduce or eliminate the mechanical interlock of the threads with the base material and will reduce the anchor''s load capacity.

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Petrol Pressure Washers at Total Tools. 70 Stores Nationwide & over 15,000 Tools online . Every Tool, Every Trade.


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The Hudstone Hope Bundle (ZERO WASTE + FREE SHIPPING) Regular price $138.90 $126.99. ( / ) View options. Coral Kitchen Bundle (ZERO WASTE) Regular price $78.95 $74.99. ( / ) Add to Cart. Environmentally friendly, naturally derived, super concentrated laundry powder & eco cleaning products.


Strong Arm Services has been providing appliance repair and hard surface cleaning 2008 for Jonesboro and surrounding areas. The Strong Arm Service team is dedicated to providing fast and reliable in-home service. Our team works hard to ensure our customers are happy with our services. At Strong Arm Services, we strive to offer same day/next day ...


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SULPHAMIC ACID Technical grade Descaler, Cleaner, Rust & Limescale Remover Sulphamic acid also called sulfamic acid is a white crystalline solid which is stable and non-hygroscopic. It is soluble in water and formamide and slightly soluble in methanol, ether, acetone and concentrated sulphuric acid. It is classified as a strong inorganic acid and is commercially …


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How to Clean Pavers With Pressure Washer | JS Brick Pavers

The recommended PSI for the pressure washer is approximately 1000 to 1500. PSI stands for ''pound-force per square inch'', and is the measure used to assess the washer''s water pressure strength. Low pressure and you end up with unsatisfactory cleaning results.

Max-Strength Patio Cleaner

2021-9-25 · Stone flags; This product is a strong, industrial patio and pavement cleaner. It is effective at cleaning and removing dirt and grime as well as moss algae. It can be used on natural stone, concrete and brickwork so it is perfect for cleaning down patios.


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9 Best Concrete Cleaners – (Reviews & Guide 2020)

2020-6-4 · For the most part, concrete is pretty low maintenance, but it does pick up dirt through the seasons, and sometimes you simply want to make it look great again. Whether the dirt and stains are years old, or whether you are expecting some spillage from your next oil change. Cleaning concrete …